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Boundless Beads have extensive interactive bead palettes; easily accessible through use of our "colour picker". These palettes consist of, European fine quality glass beads, including 'Traditional Czech Preciosa seed beads'; the range spans over five separate sizes: 15/0, 11/0, 9/0, 5/0 and 32/0. Consisting of a luxurious range of dynamic and inspiring colours, these seed beads are the most versatile and useful of beads. This range of glass beads has been selected with varying internal and external effects to seamlessly interact with different materials and crafts including knitting; which works sublimely with the size 5/0 seed bead. The hole size of the size 5/0 seed bead is perfectly matched for working with woollen yarns and threads. The size 5/0 seed bead is a beautiful bead in its own right, but combined with the larger sized seed beads '32/0' can be constructed into funky, fashionable, yet high quality stretchy or macramé bracelets, which are appealing to fashion conscious teenagers. The stretchy and macramé bracelets are available in a simple 'Kit' form; the kit contains clear instructions and thread, leaving the colour choices to the imagination, or the demands of current fashion trends. These kits are perfect try-outs for an enthusiastic beginner of almost any age, with spectacular results.

Our pallette of Swarovski Elements, of which we are a specialist stockist of Swarovski Xillion 5328 Bicone beads in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 8mm sizes, are truly scintillating, totally dazzling, with extraordinary creative potential. Swarovski Elements are for the creative being, to take the craft of jewellery making and design to new dimensions.

Italian Sterling Silver components guarantee the quality, feel, finish and functionality of hand made jewellery. Sterling silver components change the dynamic of hand crafted jewellery; this precious metal is an irresistible element to use in design; adding status and prestige to a finished piece of jewellery. This beautiful metal, in addition has been coated in two further precious metal coatings, transforming the flower into the fruit, namely a Gold Finish and a Black Finish. This extra dimension that is achieved by coating the sterling silver components, gives a whole new meaning to the colour palette as it changes the very essence of the colour way, making available a further spectrum of exciting colour possibilities achievable.

Essential to the creation of a piece of jewellery is the thread which is used to construct the elements; this ranges from clear Stretch Magic which is very popular and easy to use, Griffin Threads, traditional cotton cord, to the latest in modern technology, 'stainless steel cable'. Stainless steel cable is a diverse and many varied product, in terms of diameter and construction. Whichever stainless steel cable is used, as a design choice the technical and visual specifications will affect and enhance the finished jewellery piece.

Our range of beads and components are consolidated in our 'in house' kits. The kits are created from a wealth of information supplied by our own free form bead work, creative 'Caroline Pullan' and jewellery designer 'Kate Brown'. The kits are created to initiate beginners and challenge the experienced. Beautifully functional and stylish packaging makes even the simplest choice of beads, kits, or as a gift, extraordinaire!

Our unique spectrum of sophisticated glass coloured beads enables Boundless Beads to offer an inspiring and highly diverse creative playground, for the enthusiastic jewellery maker. Using the kits or simple instruction guides, enthusiasts are able to create, unique, inspired, fine jewellery pieces that are both refreshing and modern. These creations are often treasured and loved for many years by either the maker, or the recipient of a hand made jewellery gift.

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